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Corian Showers

Corian showers are a great alternative option when replacing your shower.  Create a new shower using Corian.  Corian showers are durable and carefree. This solid surface comes in a variety of colors, guaranteeing that you can match the look and feel you want in your bathroom.


Corian countertops are also a durable option for kitchen countertops, vanity tops and table top surfaces.

Take advantage of the benefits of Corian

Corian products are easy to install and durable, making them ideal for your shower and countertops. The solid surface is grout-free, making it easy to clean and less susceptible to mold and bacteria.


Shelves and safety bars can be added to your shower to make it safer, clean space.

Get Corian products

• Countertops

• Vanity tops

• Shower

• Large color selection

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