Corian Shower Walls, Tub Surrounds, Corian Countertops, & More

Corian Shower Walls

Corian Shower Walls

Corian is an excellent alternative to tiled showers due to it’s non-porous surface which prevents stains & dirt. This makes Corian one of the easiest surfaces to clean and it’s hygienic as well as bacteria doesn’t have any natural places to develop. Corian wall panels allow us to install over existing surfaces and limits the time you won’t be allowed to use your shower. Corian also comes in numerous colors, subtle whites, and even veined aesthetics for any design you may desire.

Corian Tub Surrounds

Corian wall panels also make excellent tub surrounds and is one of the most cost effective ways to quickly upgrade your bathtub.

Corian is available in over 100 exciting colors. Spend your money on higher-end cabinets, storage, a vanity mirror, or something individuals will notice.

Benefits of Corian

Stain Resistant

Corian is naturally resistant to stains as its surface is non-porous meaning liquids do not penetrate the surface.

Easy To Clean

Corian is considered to be highly hygienic and very easy to clean. There are no seams or grout lines to clean like tiled showers or tub enclosures.


Does Corian require sealing?

No – unlike natural stones like granite, Corian does not require sealing.

Does Corian Scratch?

Yes but Corian is also a solid surface which allows small scratches & chips to be sanded out.

Cleaning Corian?

Usually just warm soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner will do the trick. The manufacturer does recommend you avoid window cleaners as they have a tendency to leave a waxy build-up that can dull the surface.

Is Corian heat resistant?

Our recommendation is to use hot pads for kitchen countertops. Corian is heat resistant and the manufacturer states a corian surface is likely to show no damage up to 212 degrees farenheit. We believe Corian is a great option for your kitchen countertops.

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